Through the use of a range of fittings including catches, handles, corners, hinges and stays, wheels, castors and other accessories, your case can be customised to suit your individual requirements


We keep a wide range of catches and locks in stock to suit all applications. They can be locked using either keys, padlocks or combination locks.

Catch 1 Catch 2 Catch 3


A full range of handles is available. The industry standard recessed spring back dish handle provides strength and comfort with its solid rubber hand-grip.

Handle 1 Handle 2 Handle 3 Handle 4


Steel ball corners, corners that interlock and stack, and corners that brace the lid seal extrusion. Big ball, small ball, square for space-saving, we have them all. We offer finishing in chrome, zinc or black.

Corner 1 Corner 2 Corner 3 Corner 4

Hinges & Stays

Utilising a range of steel hinges and stays, we can hold the lid open at the ultimate angle.

Hinge 1 Hinge 2


We stock and specify an extended range of quality accessories to further enhance the performance of your flight case. This can include recessed louvered vents for cooling intake, recessed dishes pre-punched for power or signal connectors. We also stock a range of 19" rack accessories for use inside your case.

Various 1 Various 2 Various 3

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